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Birmingham: New Year in a Familiar Place

January 9, 2011

Leaving Long Island for a bit was entirely necessary and, as per usual, Southwest Airlines gave me a quick, on-time, and uneventful flight. After the disaster I’d suffered through with U.S. Airways the week before, it was refreshing to have such a spot-on aero experience (for those who missed it, my flight left two hours […]

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NYC: Fully Caffeinated

November 10, 2010

My relationship with coffee began, as many do, as a casual friendship. I had been working overnight at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store and after a year of nocturnal living found myself wanting its warm, comforting buzz. It wasn’t the energizing chemicals so much as the atmosphere of Mud, a slightly-small, dark East Village coffee shop […]

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Jinsei: Half-price rolls on Sundays

January 25, 2009

In my book, the only thing better than great sushi is great cheap sushi. I’ve received word from reliable sources that Jinsei is offering rolls at half price Sunday evenings. You can bet I’ll be going in tonight to check it out. If this is indeed true, that sushi had better watch out. This is, […]

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