Erysipelas Soup

November 23, 2008

Erysipelas (er ee se peh las): Proper Noun – A vicious little bacteria that gets in your face and makes you hideous beyond recognition. That’s right, Gourmetro.  I’m back and I want to talk about bacteria getting into my face, because there’s nothing quite as appetizing as an absolutely disgusting bacterial infection all over your […]

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16 oz Queso Fresco, 8 Meals

March 5, 2007

Sometimes I talk myself out of buying exotic ingredients. Whether they’re expensive (meyer lemons), difficult to locate (farro), or just plain scary (uni), I can come up with many reasons to avoid a potentially awesome dish. I had talked myself out of making macaroni with cream and cheese, Gourmet Feb. 05, for some of the […]

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Say it with me: "Role-lah-din"

November 9, 2006

Tonight Liz made rouladen (not to be confused with rolladen). Rouladen, for the uninitiated, is (are) a german delicacy in which one wraps up slices of pickle and onion with a thin piece of tender beef. It’s then sauteed in stock and savored with, in our case, mashed potatoes. I will admit that it doesn’t […]

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Je t’aime, Coq au Vin

October 23, 2006

Go and buy the Nov/Dec issue of Cook’s Illustrated. Go now. It food gold. Food gold. Aand dear readers, the following post breaks practically all of our standards; if you’re looking a fast, inexpensive meal, you should look here or here (or here), because this certainly isn’t one of them. When I saw the coq […]

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Baked Ziti Redux

October 2, 2006

This one’ll be short but there will be more this week. I swear. Working 60-plus hours a week will not stop this gourmetro. (mono might, but we’ll cross that bridge when we’re forced onto it) Last week I made one of my favorite fall/winter meals, baked ziti. It’s near and dear to my heart and […]

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