Dining: Slim Goodies (New Orleans)

October 5, 2011

That I opted for the Creole Slammer at Slim Goodies over the Jewish Coonass is to say I chose hash browns over potato latkes. The dish, pictured, above was topped with over-easy eggs and bathed in crawfish etouffee. As I was unfamiliar with the term “coonass,” and since it sounds incredibly derogatory I investigated. Despite […]

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Drinks: LA 31 Boucanee (New Orleans)

October 3, 2011

After landing a bit behind schedule at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Elisa and I got a quick pint-and-slice at New York Pizza. With an Abita Amber and Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout, we headed downtown to the New Orleans On Tap beer festival. The most interesting taste: Bayou Teche Biere LA 31 Boucanee. […]

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First Bite: Urth Caffe (Melrose, LA)

September 30, 2007

After an entertaining and delightful dinner at Sushi Sushi on North Beverly, Jenn and I went out for brunch at the Urth Caffe. I had been hoping to check out some of Suzanne Goin’s cooking at the Hungry Cat, but it just wasn’t meant to be (which is too bad, considering everything I’d read; I […]

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First Bite (sip): Intelligentsia

September 25, 2007

After my ridiculous exit from LAX, I made a quick stop for some much-needed nourishment. I wasn’t particularly hungry, per say, but the delicious Southwest Airlines in-flight meal wasn’t going to hold me over for the three-hour trip to Paso Robles. A bit of research into LA hot spots led me to Intelligentsia, a new-ish […]

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