Beets Rock!

September 20, 2007

Tonight, I figured it out. I hadn’t realized it before leafing through the August Gourmet (trying to find some great skillet-cooked potato recipe). I hadn’t thought about my blogging muse before a colleague of mine asked earlier today. Naiveté. Youthful exuberance, perhaps. I came across a recipe for beet carpaccio with goat cheese and arugula […]

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Product Extraordinaire: Tastes like burning

May 21, 2007

Those guys at Peanut Butter & Co. aren’t kidding about this stuff: The Heat is On tastes seriously spicy. If I weren’t so masochistic, I doubt I’d ever have gotten to the point where The Heat made it into peanut noodles, or especially a (wait for it) hamburger. The standard, classic pb&j is a no-go […]

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Cheap/Tasty: Pasta Salad with Vinaigrette

April 14, 2007

Because of my weird hours, I often cook for myself in bulk. Around the middle of last summer I began to get tired of the sauteed chicken breast combinations I’d been coming up with (rosemary/olive oil, chipotle, plain, garlic), so I went to the Union Square Greenmarket in search of something inspiring. Luscious vegetables lead […]

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Product Extraordinaire: Ginger Spread

March 13, 2007

At the cheese shop where I work, we sell lots of gourmet products. While everyone else takes home boatloads of cheese, my lactose intolerance leads me to bring home loads of burnt fig jam, graham crackers, and membrillo. While I’ve enjoyed my fair share of these and other impulse buys, Ginger People brand ginger spread […]

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16 oz Queso Fresco, 8 Meals

March 5, 2007

Sometimes I talk myself out of buying exotic ingredients. Whether they’re expensive (meyer lemons), difficult to locate (farro), or just plain scary (uni), I can come up with many reasons to avoid a potentially awesome dish. I had talked myself out of making macaroni with cream and cheese, Gourmet Feb. 05, for some of the […]

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