This cheese will kick your ass

June 22, 2006

I am no stranger to offensive cheese. Sometimes I welcome it, but this 14 oz. wheel of Coulommiers definitely took me by surprise. It was, and may still be, on sale at Fairway for $6.99, and was within my budget so I thought I’d give it a shot. Coulommiers is from Brie. On first sight, […]

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Dispatches from the Monger, vol. II

June 14, 2006

What, praytell, is a quince? The question has plagued me for ages. Or maybe just whenever I go into the fancy produce section of Whole Foods. The quince is a foodstuff, like jicama, that I really want to incorporate into my cooking somehow, but am sort of freaked out how to go about doing so […]

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Tea and Cheese or Death! Tea and Cheese or Death!

April 10, 2006

Cheese and I have a glorious and erratic relationship. I love it in all its forms…squishy, stinky, pre-processed, aged 10 years, shredded, grated, melted, mixed with garlic and herbs… However, it unfortunately doesn’t always return my adoration. Y’know. Lactose intolerance and all that. (Damn my Asian-ness and its genetic shortcomings in the area of spoilt […]

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Cheap Eats: Baked Ziti

March 13, 2006

Ziti casseroleAdapted from Hunt’s Tomato Sauce can by SkipServes 6 to 8Active time: 30 min Start to Finish 45 min As a half-Italian, I have to admit that this is the best ziti I’ve ever eaten. According to my records this ziti costs less than $1.50 per serving ($1.37, to be exact). It’s filling, tasty, […]

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Sunny day+free cheese = complete happiness

March 11, 2006

«filed under shopping» There’s nothing like real cheese. I’m not sure I’d ever had any fresh or local cheese until I tasted Artisinal Premium Cheeses at an event last November. Fresh, creamy, tangy, and, most importantly, real come to mind. During the absolutely wonderful 60 degree day, Meg and I walked around lower Manhattan and […]

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