The Afterglow: Dirty Bird to Go

July 23, 2007

Ok, NY Mag. You all had a number of solid picks in the 2007 Cheap Eats issue, but I’ve got a bone to pick about the Dirty Bird omission. Seven dollars a hauntingly tender organic chicken 2-piece plus a side is a deal if I’ve ever heard one. And if DB’s omission weren’t bad enough, […]

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The Afterglow: The Doughnut Plant

May 7, 2007

The Doughnut Plant has haunted us Gourmetros for too long. Two weeks ago, we’d had enough of hearing rave reviews, so we trucked down from SpaHa to see for ourselves whether these were indeed gifts from some benevolent yeasty/cakey doughnut god. We tried to get down there sooner, we really did, but the Plant’s schedule […]

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The Afterglow: S’Mac

March 28, 2007

Ever since S’Mac opened last summer in the East Village, I’d been dying to try it out. It was buzz city, for sure; there was great press, there was good press, and then there was the mac’n’cheese backlash. (And after it all NBC chimed in with some good press; it’s a relief to know they’re […]

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