Dining: Slim Goodies (New Orleans)

October 5, 2011

That I opted for the Creole Slammer at Slim Goodies over the Jewish Coonass is to say I chose hash browns over potato latkes. The dish, pictured, above was topped with over-easy eggs and bathed in crawfish etouffee. As I was unfamiliar with the term “coonass,” and since it sounds incredibly derogatory I investigated. Despite […]

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Dining: Tiger Lily Cafe (Port Jefferson, NY)

March 6, 2011

Before Urban Standard, Baked, and Mud, for me there was Tiger Lily Cafe in Port Jefferson. It was a 10 minute drive from Miller Place and it’s safe to say that I spent time there every weekend for over a year. In high school I wasn’t particularly adventurous and never tried their wheatgrass shots or […]

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NYC: Fully Caffeinated

November 10, 2010

My relationship with coffee began, as many do, as a casual friendship. I had been working overnight at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store and after a year of nocturnal living found myself wanting its warm, comforting buzz. It wasn’t the energizing chemicals so much as the atmosphere of Mud, a slightly-small, dark East Village coffee shop […]

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Farm Dispatch: The Donut King (Cambridge, NY)

August 29, 2009

It should be no surprise that The Gourmetro loves doughnuts. Yeasty or cakey, we’ll take a good one however it comes and Charlie showed us some of the best. Hidden away in the sleepy hamlet of Cambridge, James King (pictured above), his wife Jana (never pictured), and his mother, make up a sort of doughnut […]

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Penne Alla Awesome

October 23, 2008

Oh. Heavy cream? Skip, is there anything I can substitute? Absolutely not. No. Please Robin, don’t substitute anything for the heavy cream. We’re talking 1 tablespoon (per serving). Please. Just have a little less and eat a salad. This story started last week when I didn’t feel like making dinner. I’m still settling into Birmingham, […]

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