New York City

Tackling the F-Word

September 10, 2007

The dreaded “F-Word”! For some, it conjures thoughts of horror. For those nerds in internet-land, perhaps you see cartoon of men with fantastically tall hair shouting while nothing actually happens for episode after episode and I can’t believe how much time I tried to follow that show for. This, however, is foodie land, and perhaps […]

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Summer = S’mores!

August 17, 2007

And if you’re like me and you really could do without all the bug bites and sunburns that camping brings, just stay inside your apartment and make S’mores Cupcakes. They’re a lot prettier than regular S’mores, and last longer too! I found this recipe at Cupcake Bakeshop, a fabulous blog that chronicles the cupcake adventures […]

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She said [He said]: Camaradas el Barrio

July 17, 2007

With its chill atmosphere and great music, I am definitely a fan of Camaradas el Barrio (115th and 1st Ave). As Skip and I geared up for our meal, I couldn’t wait to sample a new set of wonderful goodies I had not been so adventurous to try previously. Irrrrk! Screeching sound! Halt! Wonderful for […]

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Potato Pizza

July 6, 2007

I’ve recently made a discovery: New York Pizza has started to stink. Sure sure, there’s still that place around the corner you love, or that one place you know out in Brooklyn, but I tell you this, that place used to be on every other block. I’ve heard theories ranging from the water to the […]

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[when it rains, it rains pulled pork from heaven]

July 5, 2007

Aside from Danny Meyer’s annual Backyard Barbecue, I’ve been underwhelmed by the NYC ‘cue scene. People make a big deal about Dinosaur, but I really don’t see it. RUB, righteous Urban Barbecue, is another animal altogether. So to speak. After a botched Shake Shack trip (who closes early on a Saturday?), Greg decided to take […]

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