Thinking about food, all the time.

January 23, 2008

In no particular order, allow me to disgorge some thoughts and links: – Pre-made pesto from Costco is kind of my personal lazy-dinner lifesaver. Add more garlic, add some heavy cream, pour it over chicken, put in some lemon and spoon it over some fish…whatever! All is within the realm of possibility! I’M LAZY ADDICTED. […]

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Chivalric Dining

April 10, 2007

When the parents come to town, my dining options improve greatly. The usual omelets and toast get replaced by Vermillion! Mom loves Old Town Alexandria, so after much parking ado, we headed into Vermillion, a place which had been recommended to me. The downstairs is specifically a lounge, with dark crimson couches and a lovely […]

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Dessertgasm: Buzz Bakery

March 14, 2007

Buzz Bakery has been receiving a lot of press lately, so Roommate and I set out for the new dessert place on a Thursday evening. After perusing the online menu, I knew I would have a mild panic attack when I got there. SO MANY CHOICES. Buzz is open from 8 am to midnight, so […]

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The Shins will not change your life

January 31, 2007

(Or so Bob Boilen says) Farrah Olivia, however, will. We managed to sneak an 8:15 Restaurant Week dinner reservation at this brand new Alexandria restaurant. Farrah is a tiny place with simple decor – one wall is eggplant-colored with sage green trees painted on it, the other two walls are full-length windows which you can […]

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Custard does a (hot) body good

August 9, 2006

If you’ve been living on the East coast, you’ve probably been sweating profusely or haven’t left your apartment in the past week. The only remedy for such heat, besides more cowbell, is ice cream. I’m kind of an ice cream snob, as I used to work at Graeter’s, which has been named by USA Today […]

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