What’s a Gourmetro?

The Gourmetro believes in good food and good drinking. From mouthwatering recipes to restaurants worth every penny, we live to find great new places to share a meal with friends. You will notice we have a few authors: some like to travel, some bake and the rest are dabblers.

Who are they?

Anharchy Anh Tran is a cranky yellow girl with a serious thing for good eats. She perambulates through D.C. and its surrounds, and has a major beer-crush on Greg Engert. She’ll make you a chess pie if you want one.

Skip A food and travel writer who can’t seem to stay still too long, Skip started the Gourmetro with Joanie shortly after the Blizzard of ’06. He loves, among other things, granola, grits and gelato; beer, beets and Belon oysters. In addition to The Gourmetro, he has worked in various capacities for Food Arts, Gourmet, the Curbed Network, Cottage Living, and Birmingham Magazine. Skip survived the great burger and cupcake wars in New York City and worked in Alabama’s Magic City for three years. Words can hardly describe the combination of joy and relief he felt when Dixie freed their hops, legalizing the sale of high gravity beer. Check out Aisle 9 for Skip’s print and marketing work.