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by Skip on August 25, 2009

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Chicken So far, I have found the chickens to be largely suspicious, the goats rowdy, and the sheep largely indifferent on the American Masala Farm in New York state’s green and hilly Upstate region. As some of you may know, I will be staying here for the next few weeks collecting eggs, feeding goats, building fences, and potentially clearing paths through the woods with hand tools. Chef Suvir Saran, cookbook author and co-owner of New York City’s Michelin-starred Devi, and his partner Charlie were kind enough to put me up while I learn.

While Kim Sunee was here, there was a lot of cooking but not much farm work. She left yesterday, and now I expect the heavy labor to begin later this afternoon with a good ol’ fashioned barn mucking. Pictures and commentary to come.

On Sunday, Kim, Charlie, Suvir and I prepared an American Masala feast for a few guests. Among the dishes from his books Indian Home Cooking and American Masala, we had corn curry, mixed raita, Mirchi Kaa Saalan, a pepper curry (one of the spiciest things I have ever eaten. It gave me the sweats), fried chicken, goat curry, warm lentil salad, and an cardamon-pistachio apricot and peach clafoutis. Fantastic meal, wonderful recipes.

I’ll be posting frequently over the next few weeks about my time on the farm, around Washington County, and the greater Northeast.

Goat Vindaloo with curried green beans and riata Croissants from Mrs. London's Pan Seared Steak with Potatoes Goat Vindaloo Panel in Albany Spectrum 8

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