Farm Dispatch: The Donut King (Cambridge, NY)

by Skip on August 29, 2009

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The Donut King, James King It should be no surprise that The Gourmetro loves doughnuts. Yeasty or cakey, we’ll take a good one however it comes and Charlie showed us some of the best. Hidden away in the sleepy hamlet of Cambridge, James King (pictured above), his wife Jana (never pictured), and his mother, make up a sort of doughnut royal family. Each Sunday and Monday, they serve hundreds of doughnuts of a dozen varieties from a charming red cart in their driveway.

Donut King Remainder I am not the first to rave about the King. Suvir and Kim have both written love letters to the little pastries. We got to have a quick tour of their kitchen and I was impressed at how they could pop so many donuts out of such a small place. The machinery, a filling-injector, a dough portioner, a proofing oven, a big mixer, and, of course, a cauldron of boiling oil, fills most of the usable area.

In our short time there, we sampled apple fritters, maple glazed local potato doughnuts, a creme-stuffed bismarck, a glazed cherry-plum-filled, and raspberry jam-filled.

The doughnuts themselves defy logic. It would be reasonable for a clear-minded person to assume that since these doughnuts are deep fried, that they would retain some degree of grease. James King’s doughnuts feel greaseless. I’ve been twice already and found it fascinating each time. I hope to go again tomorrow.

If you’re near Cambridge on a Sunday or Monday morning, get to The King’s. They close for the winter, from November to spring. The exact dates are not usually announced, so call for info. Jana says that in the spring her customers begin to have doughnut anxiety, which is probably exacerbated by spring fever.

108 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816
Tel: 518-677-3530

Dough Portioner Donut King Raw Donuts Donut King Maple Glazed Potato Donut King Plum Cherry (prune) filling

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