Farm Dispatch: Mucking the Barn

by Skip on August 27, 2009

in Travel

Mucky barn at American Masala

After clearing about two dozen goats and alpaca out of the barn’s shade, Adam, Dan, and I proceeded to clear out two weeks of, well, muck. Thankfully, heat and humidity were relatively low and the flies stayed with the animals. Luring them out into the field went well for 15 of them, but a handful still had to be forcibly moved. We got used to the smell, as much as that’s possible, shoveled, pitchforked, and scraped 10 wheel barrels, and were left with a relatively clean barn. A thick dusting of lime when down to help absorb moisture, followed by a bit of bedding. All told it probably took us an hour. This entire process would have been much easier if we all hadn’t eaten Belly Busters at Bob’s Lunch (post tomorrow). The giant 1-lb burgers (with bacon and cheese) however local and delicious, were leaden lumps in our stomach through the smelly mucking process. Today we move on to the chicken coop, which Charlie promises won’t be as gross. We’ll see.

Mucked Barn at American Masala

Me with Happy Goats

Goat Vindaloo with curried green beans and riata Croissants from Mrs. London's Pan Seared Steak with Potatoes Goat Vindaloo Panel in Albany Spectrum 8 Petalos Wine Label Morning on the farm Ingredients for Suvir Saran's Mirchi Kaa Saalan Goat Vindaloo Pot morning on the American Masala Farm Suvir Saran's Mirchi Kaa Saalan cooking Pissaladiere Ingredients for Suvir Saran's Mirchi Kaa Saalan Peanut Flour, Coconut Powder, and Spice Mixture

Skip is the producer of The Gourmetro. Mucking a barn isn’t so bad, just don’t eat a 1-pound hamburger first. Read about his culinary travels through the South as Dan over at ‘Ham Sandwich.

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