First Bite: Saw's BBQ, Homewood

by Skip on June 11, 2009

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Saw's BBQ Ribs Plate and Sides It was a stroke of luck that there weren’t any Saw’s BBQ ribs left in my fridge this morning because I certainly would have eaten them. Cold. What I am about to write cannot be overstated: Saw’s BBQ ribs are the best I have had in Birmingham.

Available at retail for some time, Mike Wilson’s tangy Saw’s BBQ Sauce can now be found at the source. Located on Oxmoor Road in Edgewood in the former Broadway Barbecue space, Saw’s is a cozy, slighly smokier version of Miss Myra’s in Cahaba Heights.

So far, I have tried the ribs,  chicken and white sauce, pulled pork, turnip greens, and the macaroni and cheese. Saw’s ribs offer a stark contrast to many of the other options in the city. I visited the restaurant twice, about two weeks apart, and found the ribs consistent in their tenderness, tanginess , and heft. Saw’s serves up a rib plate of four ribs and two sides, $9, of which I gladly took two ribs and one side home. The chicken and white sauce and pulled pork share the ribs’ supple juiciness.

The quality and depth of flavor of the main dishes overshadow the sides. The turnip greens are my side of choice thus far, doused with Saw’s sweet and acidic sauce. The mac’n’cheese is a bit disappointing for its blandness.

Other than the bland mac’n’cheese, the only recommendation I’d have for Saw’s is that they beef up their buns. The white sauce rendered the chicken bbq sandwich soggy and inedible almost instantly. To repeat: delicious sauce, wonderful chicken, but the bun could use some work. That said, Saw’s is off to a great start. Check them out here:

1008 Oxmoor Road
Homewood, AL 35209

Saw's BBQ Ribs Plate and Sides-2 Chicken and White Sauce Sandwich and Beans Saw's BBQ Ribs Plate and Sides Saw's BBQ Exterior Saw's BBQ Interior

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