Dessertgasm: Buzz Bakery

by Joanie on March 14, 2007

in DC

Buzz Bakery has been receiving a lot of press lately, so Roommate and I set out for the new dessert place on a Thursday evening.

After perusing the online menu, I knew I would have a mild panic attack when I got there. SO MANY CHOICES. Buzz is open from 8 am to midnight, so you can pick up croissant and a coffee on your way to work, snuggle up with a good book and some drinking chocolate, or mosey in for a late-night dessert-fest. The late night dessert meal is possibly my favorite of all meals, and there need to be more places satisfying my need for this. Well done, Buzz.

Anyway, I did have a mild, joy-induced spaz when I got there, but I finally just resigned myself that I would have to come back 15 more times to try everything. I settled for the cinnamon-sugar donuts with dipping sauces and Roommate got the chocolate pate with espresso whipped cream. (We shared a lovely pot of tropical green tea to wash it all down.) The donuts were loaded with cinnamon sugar goodness, had a nice crunch on the outside and were not at all greasy. The dipping sauces were creme anglaise (my favorite), bittersweet chocolate, and raspberry coulis. Roommate’s chocolate pate was rich, but melted in your mouth and wasn’t too heavy. It paired perfectly with the fluffy espresso whipped cream.

And because I couldn’t satisfy myself with just ONE dessert, I sprung for a coconut cupcake to go. It came in an adorable chinese food container. It was good, but not as delicious as I was hoping for.

Not food-related, but the design of the place was spectacular. Big windows, bright colors, and the art on the wall was comprised of “found object” cooking utensils – like a kite made out of old cookie cutters. Lots of low tables, couches, and chairs that lent themselves well to either an intimate evening experience or for curling up with a book and a latte during the day.

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