Custard does a (hot) body good

by Joanie on August 9, 2006

in DC

If you’ve been living on the East coast, you’ve probably been sweating profusely or haven’t left your apartment in the past week. The only remedy for such heat, besides more cowbell, is ice cream.

I’m kind of an ice cream snob, as I used to work at Graeter’s, which has been named by USA Today and Oprah as the nation’s best ice cream. (Yeah, that’s right. And I was employee of the month – twice. Booyah.) For those non-purists that like to mix fourteen different kinds of candy into their vanilla bean…I scoff at you. Cold Stone just doesn’t cut it when compared to hand-churned ice cream with chocolate chips the size of your face. So let’s just say I have high standards when it comes to sweet things of the frozen variety, mmkay?

Tuesday, my roommate and I headed to the Dairy Godmother, a frozen custard shop in Del Ray. I had heard good things about the place from friends and food critics alike. Custard is a little bit different than ice cream – basically, it has more egg and less air. Somehow it’s healthier for you than regular ice cream too! Custard as health food – whodathunk? Flavorwise, they always have vanilla & chocolate, plus a daily flavor which changes….daily. Tuesday it was “Summer Pudding.” Also known as “We Wanted to be as Vague as Possible.” It ended up being a mildly berry-flavored custard, pink with bits of (fresh!) berries scattered throughout. I went for a Summer Pudding hot fudge sundae, with slivered almonds, whipped cream and a cherry on top. I had forgotten how good hot fudge and ice cream are. *drools thinking about it* Phew, anyway…slivered almonds are not my favorite sundae nut – I’m more of a toasted walnut girl – but they got the job done.

Katie opted for a root beer float – perhaps because I went apoplectic when I saw the cases of Sprecher root beer (and cream soda, and orange soda, and ginger ale) lined up around the store. Once upon a time, my family and I went to Madison, Wisconsin and had some Sprecher root beer. Let’s just say…my life has never been the same since ingesting that flavorful, zingy root beer. We brought two cases of it home (to Ohio) with us because it was so good. I have since hoped to find Sprecher in some of the gourmet shops I frequent, but to no avail. Until now!! YAY!!! The Dairy Godmother herself is from Wisconsin, and I’m guessing she realized that she had to spread the Sprecher glory to DC in order to produce a truly awesome root beer float. And awesome it was.

In addition, you all should check out Cookthink – thanks to metrocurean for the link – very cool foodie blog focusing on “unrefined” cooking and eating. Their manifesto makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks to Flickr user mzn37 for the picture of deliciousness. Looking for food pictures is extremely hard work, as it makes you very hungry. (Look, Skip – I can use Flickr too!!)

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skip August 9, 2006 at 10:13 pm

Yay joanie. Corporate (gourmetro corporate, that is) will have your yoga reimbursement check in the mail. Real soon now.

Chip August 13, 2006 at 6:24 am

Hey Joanie. Thanks for mentioning Cookthink last week. Look forward to reading more on Gourmetro. What kind of cheesemonging do you do?

Joanie August 14, 2006 at 8:10 pm

Hi Chip, thanks for checking us out! I am a cheesemonger at the Cheesetique, a cheese shop in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m fairly new at it, but I’m learning a lot and getting to indulge my foodie side. Looking forward to reading more on Cookthink!

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