Caffeine, however tasty, devistates my fine motor skills.

by Skip on August 15, 2006

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All right, so it was about 9pm. I had an hour before work, had just eaten some salty delicious Dumpling Man fare, and my stomach wasn’t taking it well. My night job, disassembling computers and extracting various bits and pieces, certainly takes a toll on my daytime comfort.

Anyway, in my dumpling-induced haze, I figured a nice cappuccino would set me along a happy path for the evening. Since I was already down on the Lower East Side, I set out looking for a cool crepe place that Meg, Joanie and I found earlier this spring but instead found MUD.

The Arcade Fire was on the radio and a very drunk FOB (friend of the Barrista) was lobbying for a switch to Abbey Road (She’s so Fine, in specific.). It felt more like a campus coffee shop than a hip New York one and that fit me just fine. Back to the coffee. A few months ago, I read somewhere that there are a number of things you should look for when you’re evaluating well-made espresso and cappuccino. It would be awesome if I could remember where, but my mind is more like a blender than a tabbed file system. But I digress.

When the milk is getting steamed, it should hardly make any noise at all. The writer likened screaming Starbucks steamers to the milk getting noisily killed. Ceramic cups are a must. Crema, the delicate coffee foam on top of an espresso. And, finally, milk art. The ability to make neat designs in the steamed milk and the attention to detail that it imparts is the final touch.

Mud had all of this. I drank it without sugar (unheard of for me).

Unfortunately, since I drink caffeine so infrequently it kicked the crap out of me. I was incredibly jittery for hours. My stomach did feel better though.

[Earlier that day I had an entertaining lunch at the Nice Matin with the current executive editor of The Flat Hat (you knew I had to link that one) and then visited some ex-coworkers.

I felt some serious pressure to get the Five Napkin Burger (complete with sauteed onions, comte cheese, and aioli), while my colleague got the croque madame. While I needed only one napkin to complete the burger, it was nonetheless quite impressive. Not stellar, but far above standard.]

Special thanks to mcmrbt over at flickr for the photo.
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Joanie August 18, 2006 at 1:25 pm

That crepe place was fabulous. MMM. Roommate & I went to a creperie nearby the other night and it was extremely disappointing. Crepes required a knife to cut them, they were so…thick? chewy? Just bad.

Did they make the cappuccino with whole milk, giving it that extra bit of deliciousness?? Erin & I went to a French cafe in Baltimore where she asked for a skim latte and they looked at her like she was insane. But whole milk makes the latte experience that much better.

skip August 19, 2006 at 7:57 am

They didn’t ask me about the milk but it tasted quite whole to me. Oh, and they also asked me whether I liked my ‘ccino wet or dry. I decided on wet. And I liked it.

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